Injury Prevention

Reducing Injury Risk through Proactive Physical Therapy and Wellness

At Stride Physical Therapy and Wellness, we believe that reducing risk of injury is as crucial as treating them. Our proactive approach to physical therapy and wellness emphasizes strategies to reduce risk of injury, helping individuals of all ages and activity levels mitigate the risk of injuries and stay active in their daily lives.

Understanding Importance of Reducing Risk of Injury

Identifying Risk Factors: We assess individual risk factors such as biomechanics, strength imbalances, flexibility issues, and movement patterns that could predispose you to injuries.

Education and Awareness: Our therapists provide valuable education on injury mechanisms, proper body mechanics, and lifestyle modifications to reduce the risk of injury in various activities.

Our Approach to Injury Prevention

Comprehensive Assessments: We conduct thorough evaluations and movement screens to identify weaknesses and imbalances, creating a baseline for personalized plans.

Customized Exercise Programs: Tailored exercises focusing on strength, flexibility, stability, and functional movement patterns to address specific risk factors.

Technique Correction: Guidance on proper form and movement mechanics in activities such as sports, workouts, or daily routines to minimize injury risk.

Functional Training: Incorporating exercises that simulate real-life movements to enhance your body's ability to withstand stress and reduce injury risk.

Areas of Focus for Injury Risk Reduction

Sports-Specific Conditioning: Tailored programs for athletes targeting sport-specific movements to reduce the risk of sports-related injuries.

Workplace Ergonomics: Recommendations and strategies to improve posture and ergonomic practices, reducing the risk of overuse injuries at work.

Aging Population: Programs to maintain strength, balance, and flexibility, reducing the risk of falls and fractures among older adults.


At Stride Physical Therapy and Wellness, our proactive approach to physical therapy and wellness goes beyond treating injuries - it focuses on reducing their risk of them. Our dedicated team works with you to develop personalized plans, empowering you to lead an active, injury-free lifestyle.

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